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Princess Eugenie Sparks Disappointment in Prince Harry Amid Feud with Prince William

Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, appears to have disappointed her cousin Prince Harry amid his ongoing feud with his brother, Prince William.

Recent events have shown Eugenie displaying a warm camaraderie with the future king, sparking speculation about her shifting allegiances within the royal family.

According to a report by the Mirror, Harry has been dealt another emotional blow as his “favourite cousin” Eugenie was seen sharing light-hearted moments with Prince William at Royal Ascot.

The annual event saw William in high spirits, engaging playfully with Eugenie and even jokingly playing with the tassels on her hat.

An insider revealed, “William in particular was in high spirits at the event – one funny incident with Princess Eugenie prompted comparisons with his cheeky youngest son, Prince Louis.

At one time, it was thought that Eugenie had ‘sided’ with Harry and Meghan following their fallout from the family – but she and William looked closer than ever and they laughed and hugged.”

Adding to Harry’s sense of estrangement, Eugenie extended heartfelt birthday wishes to Prince William as he celebrated his 42nd birthday. Her public display of affection and support further highlights the growing distance between her and Harry.

Just days before Royal Ascot, Eugenie attended a garden party with Prince William, demonstrating her support for the future king.

These actions suggest that despite her previously close relationship with Harry, Eugenie is now visibly aligning herself more with William.

Princess Eugenie was known to be very close to Prince Harry. She was the first member of the royal family that Harry introduced to Meghan Markle, signaling the depth of their bond.

However, the current rift between Harry and William seems to be affecting these familial ties, with Eugenie now appearing more aligned with William.

Eugenie’s interactions with William at public events like Royal Ascot and the garden party are significant. They not only showcase her support for William but also hint at the potential realignment of loyalties within the royal family.

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For Harry, who has faced considerable fallout from his departure from royal duties and his strained relationship with William, Eugenie’s visible camaraderie with William might feel like another personal blow.

The evolving dynamics between Princess Eugenie and Prince William highlight the complex and shifting relationships within the royal family.

While Eugenie has historically been close to Harry, her recent actions suggest a closer bond with William, reflecting the intricate and often painful realities of familial allegiances amid broader disputes. As the royal family continues to navigate these challenges, the public remains keenly interested in how these relationships will unfold.