Sarah Ferguson Speaks Out On King Charles and Prince Andrew Royal Lodge Feud

Sarah Ferguson, also known as Fergie, has offered her perspective on the ongoing feud between King Charles and Prince Andrew regarding the Royal Lodge estate.

In a recent interview on Good Morning Britain, Fergie was questioned about Charles’ ultimatum to his brother Andrew, urging him to vacate the Royal Lodge and relocate to Frogmore Cottage, formerly inhabited by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Responding to the inquiry about the property, Fergie emphasized her role as a guest at the estate and chose not to intervene in the discussions between the royal brothers.

“It’s not a debby downer, it’s life in the fast lane,” she remarked. “I’m a guest, for a start. I’m a very lucky guest and a very comfortable guest. Thank you very much.”

She further stated, “I tend not to get involved in brothers’ discussions and I think that’s the best, most safe place to be, is to let the brothers discuss it between themselves.”

The situation escalated when a royal insider revealed to The Times that King Charles has grown frustrated with Andrew’s reluctance to vacate the Royal Lodge.

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The insider suggested that Frogmore Cottage, located within the Windsor Castle security cordon, would be a suitable alternative for Andrew’s accommodation.

They emphasized that Charles may reconsider the level of support provided to Andrew if he fails to comply with the proposed arrangement.

As tensions continue to mount within the royal family, Fergie’s stance reflects a desire to maintain neutrality and allow the brothers to resolve the matter privately.

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