Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Risks A List Rivalry With Hollywood Star Over Major Plans

Meghan Markle is facing scrutiny and potential estrangement within her A-list circle over ambitious business plans that could clash with those of her celebrity friends, according to insiders.

Reports from Life & Style highlight concerns that the Duchess of Sussex is making waves with her rumored launch of rosé wine under the American Riviera Orchard brand.

Despite minimal details since the brand’s social media debut in April, Meghan has reportedly sent out products like jam and dog biscuits to influencers, hinting at broader business ambitions.

The speculation suggests Meghan’s upcoming Netflix cooking show may feature the rosé wine, which could overlap with products from her Montecito neighbor and friend, Cameron Diaz, who owns the successful Avaline wine brand.

An insider expressed concerns about Meghan potentially encroaching on Cameron Diaz’s territory, stating, “It’s pretty brazen that she’s moving in on her territory.

Meghan doesn’t seem to care that she’s competing with a friend,” and adding, “[She] is stepping on some toes.”

Meghan’s drive to succeed with her brand follows previous setbacks in the commercial market, including challenges with Spotify partnerships.

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According to sources, her recent business endeavors reflect a determination to secure financial stability amid concerns about maintaining a lavish lifestyle.

“She knows the wine market is lucrative,” the insider continued. “It’s looking like a total cash grab.”

The stakes are reportedly high for Meghan, who views her business ventures as critical for her and Prince Harry’s financial future.

As Meghan navigates these business ambitions, her efforts may redefine her relationships within Hollywood’s elite, highlighting both her entrepreneurial spirit and the complexities of celebrity friendships in competitive industries.