Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 26

Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 26

Around the city of Bakhmut, Russian forces have taken control of an apartment complex in the city’s southwest.

Russian forces have advanced south of the city of Avdiivka and taken control of trenches Ukrainian forces have held since before the war escalated in February 2022.

General Updates:

Belarus will store Russian nuclear weapons. Putin said that Russia had already helped the Belarusians to re-equip planes and from April 3 they would start training crews and build a storage facility for nuclear weapons, to be completed by the 1st of July.

The Polish metal/ammunition plant Dezamet SA will significantly increase the production of ammunition that will be sent to Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview .

Pic Source: War_mapper on Twitter

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