New Report Reveals What Investors Are Looking For in 2023

The world of business can be an exciting and rewarding one, but it can also be incredibly challenging, especially for those looking to secure funding from investors. Fortunately, a recent report by Clarify Capital provides valuable insights into what investors are looking for in a potential investment.

According to the report, investors are primarily interested in businesses that are profitable, with high potential ROI and strong leadership. Additionally, investors are drawn to businesses that operate in growing industries, such as technology, AI, and medical/health care.

However, securing funding is not as simple as just having a profitable business. Investors are also looking for business owners who understand their numbers and competition, demonstrate potential for growth, and are open to pivoting their business models or product offerings if needed. On the other hand, pitches that seem too good to be true or have vague business plans are major red flags for investors.

The report also highlights the industries that investors are most and least interested in funding in 2023. Technology and AI were the top industries, with 71% of investors expressing interest in investing in them. Medical/health care also had strong investor interest. In contrast, cryptocurrency was far less appealing to investors, with over half indicating their plan to avoid digital investments in 2023.

Knowing what investors are looking for is crucial for businesses seeking funding, and the insights provided by the Clarify Capital report can help businesses position themselves as attractive investments. By focusing on profitability, demonstrating potential for growth, and having strong leadership, businesses can make themselves more appealing to investors. Additionally, understanding what investors consider to be green and red flags can help businesses avoid common pitfalls and increase their chances of securing funding.

In conclusion, the Clarify Capital report provides valuable insights for businesses seeking to attract capital from investors. With the right approach, businesses can position themselves as attractive investments and secure the funding they need to grow and succeed in their chosen industries.

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