Ukraine war map today, as of Apr. 2

Ukraine war map today, as of Apr. 2

Ukrainian forces have pushed part of the Russian line back in the area between Sjeverne and Vodyane.

In Bakhmut there is a difficult situation towards the center, street battles continue into the night the results of which are unclear.

Russian forces have made more advances in the central districts of Bakhmut heavy fighting continues.

General Updates:

“Ukraine has ordered 100 Rosomak wheeled armored personnel carriers from Poland. The payment for these vehicles will be made from the combined EU/US funds that Ukraine can use for such buys,” Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki said.

The head of the Bundestag parliamentary committee, Michael Roth, said that he no longer sees any “red lines” in the matter of supplying Ukraine with German weapons.

Pic Source: War_mapper on Twitter

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