Battlegrounds Mobile India Makes a Triumphant Return with an Exciting Esports Tournament

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Battlegrounds Mobile India, commonly known as BGMI, has made a remarkable comeback in India after a year-long ban. The highly popular battle royale shooter was relaunched on May 29 by developers Krafton, and it has quickly become the centerpiece of an eagerly anticipated esports tournament. Skyesports, a renowned esports and gaming venture, has announced the Skyesports Champions Series, a BGMI tournament with a massive prize pool of Rs. 25 lakh. With the ban lifted and exciting new features in place, BGMI is poised to reclaim its position as one of India’s favorite mobile games.

A Triumphant Return:

After being banned in India in July 2022, BGMI enthusiasts rejoiced when Krafton confirmed its return. The relaunched version of the game addresses concerns about gaming addiction with the implementation of daily time limits. These limits vary based on player age, allowing minors to play for up to three hours a day, while adults can enjoy up to six hours of gameplay. The new update also introduces a captivating tropical island resort map, engaging in-game events, and updates to classic maps, adding to the excitement for both new and returning players.

The Skyesports Champions Series:

Skyesports, a pioneering name in the esports industry, has taken the initiative to host the Skyesports Champions Series BGMI tournament. The competition is scheduled to commence on June 9 and will run until June 18. As per Skyesports’ tweet, the BGMI tournament will kick off at 1:00 pm IST and will be streamed live on the Skyesports YouTube channel. This eagerly anticipated event marks the revival of competitive BGMI tournaments in India, providing a platform for aspiring professional gamers to showcase their skills and win a share of the impressive Rs. 25 lakh prize pool.

Staggered Playability:

While the relaunched BGMI is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms via the App Store and Google Play Store respectively, Krafton has implemented a staggered approach to ensure a smooth experience for players. Users will be able to log in to the game in phases within 48 hours. This phased rollout strategy aims to manage server load effectively, providing a seamless gaming experience for all players.

A Bright Future for BGMI:

The return of BGMI marks a significant milestone for both Krafton and the Indian gaming community. The ban imposed last year was a setback for mobile esports enthusiasts, impacting the flourishing gaming ecosystem in the country. However, with the temporary ban lifted, BGMI is set to regain its position as one of the most popular mobile games in India. Krafton expressed its gratitude to the Indian authorities for allowing them to resume operations and extended appreciation to the dedicated Indian gaming community for their support and patience throughout the ban period.


The relaunch of Battlegrounds Mobile India has reignited the enthusiasm and passion of gamers across the country. With the highly anticipated Skyesports Champions Series tournament offering a substantial prize pool of Rs. 25 lakh, professional gamers and enthusiasts alike have an exciting opportunity to showcase their skills and make a mark in the competitive gaming scene. As BGMI continues to evolve with new features, maps, and updates, the game is poised for a bright future, captivating players and solidifying its position as a leading mobile battle royale shooter in India.

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