Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good Explore Moroccan Pottery Scene

Picture Source: TMZ

Love is in the air for Hollywood actors Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good as they continue to embark on exciting adventures together. Recently, the couple was spotted overseas in Morocco, specifically in the enchanting city of Fez, where they indulged in a unique shopping experience for pottery. With their journey taking them to various destinations, both domestically and internationally, their love story continues to captivate the public’s attention.

Exploring Fez’s Pottery Paradise:

During their visit to Fez, Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good found themselves immersed in the vibrant world of Moroccan pottery. Captured by TMZ, photographs reveal the couple perusing the renowned Art Naji pottery shop, which proudly boasts the title of the largest handmade factory shop for pottery and traditional Moroccan tiles in the country.

Enthralled by the shop’s offerings, Jonathan and Meagan appeared particularly intrigued by a stunning fountain and an exquisite fireplace. Witnesses present at the scene noted the couple’s engagement with the shop’s staff, leading to speculation about a potential purchase. Although it remains unclear whether they ultimately made a transaction, their interest in negotiating showcases their appreciation for Moroccan craftsmanship.

Love and Adventure:

Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good have embraced a jet-setting lifestyle ever since their relationship began, often spotted exploring various destinations across the globe. Their travels have taken them to both coasts of the United States, adding to the excitement and romance of their journey together. Now, Morocco has become the latest backdrop for their shared experiences.

Morocco’s Cultural Richness:

Fez, one of Morocco’s most culturally significant cities, proved to be the perfect setting for Jonathan and Meagan’s pottery expedition. Known for its historical charm and UNESCO World Heritage-listed medina, Fez has long been recognized as a center for traditional crafts and artisanal expertise. Pottery and zellige, the Moroccan tiles famed for their intricate designs, hold a special place in the city’s artistic heritage.

By immersing themselves in Fez’s pottery scene, Jonathan and Meagan not only showcase their appreciation for the local artistry but also promote the significance of preserving traditional crafts in a modern world.

A Love Story Unfolding:

The public’s fascination with Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good’s blossoming relationship continues to grow as they embark on new adventures together. Beyond their on-screen talent, the couple’s shared experiences and international explorations have become a source of inspiration for many.

Their recent excursion to Fez exemplifies their desire to immerse themselves in different cultures, supporting local artisans, and experiencing the beauty of craftsmanship firsthand. Whether negotiating a deal for a cherished piece of pottery or simply sharing tender moments while perusing the shop’s offerings, Jonathan and Meagan’s journey in Morocco reflects their shared love for exploration and appreciation for art.


Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good’s presence in Morocco has not only delighted fans but also shed light on the country’s rich artistic traditions. By venturing into the world of Moroccan pottery, the couple has showcased their shared passion for cultural exploration and support for local artisans. As their love story unfolds across various destinations, Jonathan and Meagan continue to captivate audiences with their adventurous spirits and dedication to preserving heritage crafts in an ever-changing world.

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