Gemini Co-Founder Cameron Winklevoss Offers $1.4 Billion Deal to Resolve Conflict with Digital Currency Group

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Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss has made a bold move to settle a long-standing dispute with Digital Currency Group (DCG) CEO Barry Silbert. Winklevoss presented a $1.4 billion deal as his “best and final offer,” aiming to bring an end to the heated conflict between the two industry leaders. In an open letter to Silbert, Winklevoss expressed his frustration with the situation, criticizing the ballooning professional fees and highlighting the negative impact on creditors and Earn users.

The Contentious Dispute:

Winklevoss accused Silbert of playing games and expressed his belief that the protracted conflict had led to exorbitant professional fees, surpassing $100 million. In his open letter, Winklevoss bluntly addressed the situation, emphasizing that it takes a particular kind of person to owe $3.3 billion to numerous individuals while considering themselves a victim. He even compared Silbert’s delusion to that of prominent crypto figure Sam Bankman-Fried.

The Ultimatum and Potential Lawsuit:

With a sense of urgency, Winklevoss set a deadline for Silbert to accept the deal by 4 PM ET on July 6, warning of potential legal consequences if the deadline is not met. The outcome of this ultimatum will be closely watched, as it represents a clash between major firms within the cryptocurrency industry reaching a critical point.

Details of the Deal: The $1.4 billion deal proposed by Winklevoss comprises three payment components. Firstly, Digital Currency Group would be responsible for any payouts exceeding $300 million to the FTX and Alameda bankruptcy estates. Additionally, DCG would contribute $100 million to the Genesis bankruptcy estate.

The payment structure includes a forbearance payment and two debt tranches. The first tranche, amounting to $275 million, is due on or before the Planned Support Agreement (PSA) date of July 21. The second tranche, valued at $355 million, is scheduled for repayment two years after the PSA. The final tranche, worth $835 million, has a five-year repayment timeline following the PSA.

Lumida Wealth CEO’s Perspective:

Lumida Wealth CEO also weighed in on the matter, revealing ongoing discussions with both Winklevoss and Silbert. However, he expressed doubt regarding DCG’s ability to meet the deadline set by Winklevoss.

DCG’s Challenges and Investigation:

The past few months have been challenging for Digital Currency Group. In May, the company failed to repay a $630 million loan provided by Cameron Winklevoss’ Gemini. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank had a significant impact on DCG’s operations, prompting the firm to seek new partnerships following the bank’s demise.

Furthermore, U.S. authorities are reportedly investigating DCG over its internal transfers, potentially adding to the company’s troubles. These challenges led to DCG’s closure of its brokerage subsidiary, TradeBlock, as part of its efforts to navigate the turbulent circumstances.


Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss’s $1.4 billion deal proposal to resolve the conflict with Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert marks a significant development in the ongoing dispute between the two industry leaders. As the deadline approaches, the industry eagerly awaits the outcome, which could potentially shape the future landscape of the cryptocurrency market.

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