Leader of Failed Crypto Exchange JPEX Evades Authorities

Picture Source: BeInCrypto

The leader of the ill-fated cryptocurrency exchange JPEX, responsible for a significant rug-pull scheme, is currently evading Hong Kong authorities and is suspected to be in Australia. In response to this evasion, the police plan to enlist Interpol’s assistance to apprehend those responsible for one of the most substantial financial fraud cases in the city’s history.


The recent developments come on the heels of the arrest of 11 individuals connected to JPEX, whose rug-pull scheme resulted in a staggering loss of $178 million. This incident has raised concerns about the lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency space and its implications for investors.

Unregistered Exchange and Deregistration in Australia:

At the start of the month, concerns emerged as the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission revealed that JPEX was operating without proper registration in the country. Additionally, the exchange had been deregistered in Australia, prompting numerous victims to file complaints with the police.

Despite the arrests of 11 individuals connected to JPEX, the masterminds behind the exchange remain unidentified. Reports suggest that those arrested are likely mid-level participants who may not fully comprehend the scale of the scam.

Involvement of Celebrities and Influencers:

In addition to the arrests, law enforcement has interrogated celebrities and influencers who were involved in promotional activities for JPEX. This highlights the extent to which the exchange was able to garner public attention and trust before the rug pull.

Efforts to Recover Funds:

Authorities have managed to freeze some cryptocurrencies linked to the fraud. However, ongoing efforts are being made to recover the misappropriated funds and bring those responsible to justice.

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Implications for the Hong Kong Crypto Industry:

This incident has significant implications for the cryptocurrency industry in Hong Kong. Experts believe that the Securities and Futures Commission may intensify its enforcement of new crypto regulations in response to this case. The regulator has previously cautioned investors to use licensed cryptocurrency trading platforms exclusively.


The evasion of the leader of JPEX and the pursuit of Interpol’s assistance highlight the global nature of cryptocurrency-related crimes and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies. This incident underscores the importance of regulatory oversight in the crypto industry and the need for investors to exercise caution and use licensed platforms to protect their interests.

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