Meta’s Instagram Unveils Gen Z Centric Features on Anniversary

On October 6, Instagram celebrated its anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion, the Meta-owned platform is rolling out a slew of new features geared towards engaging Generation Z. These innovative additions are set to undergo testing shortly and could be launched in the coming months. Instagram’s aim with these features is to empower the younger generation to express their creativity more effectively and share their content seamlessly.

During a Meta event in Delhi, the company unveiled four noteworthy features designed specifically to resonate with Gen Z users:

Birthday Reminders:

While Instagram already allows users to celebrate their loved ones’ birthdays, this new feature goes a step further. Users can now help their friends remember their special day by adding unique pictures or effects like confetti to their profile picture, enhancing the overall birthday experience.


Instagram is making it easier for users to add notes. These notes can be in the form of an audio note or a selfie video note. Notes have gained popularity on the platform for their quick and straightforward approach to sharing updates with one another. These notes will be accessible in the Direct Messages section, located at the top of the messages. With the new Audio Notes feature, users can record voice messages as notes, while Selfie Video Notes make it effortless to capture short videos that serve as notes for a duration of 24 hours.

Multiple Lists for Stories:

This feature is being touted as one of the most highly anticipated additions to Instagram. Until now, users were able to create a list of their “Close Friends” for sharing Stories. However, with Multiple Lists in Stories, users can now create numerous lists. For instance, they can have one list for their university friends and another for their office colleagues. This will enable users to categorize the selection of individuals who can view specific stories, enhancing the platform’s flexibility and personalization.

As Instagram continues to evolve, it remains committed to offering fresh and engaging features that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its user base, particularly the dynamic and creative Generation Z. These new additions further cement Instagram’s role as a leading social media platform and highlight its ongoing efforts to adapt to the changing landscape of online content sharing.