Will Ferrell Visits Wrexham Football Club, Shares Laughs and Cheers for Their Success

In a heartwarming episode of “Welcome to Wrexham” season 2, comedy legend Will Ferrell paid a visit to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s Wrexham football club. As the trio explored the team’s home and engaged with the players, Ferrell brought his signature humor to the scene, sharing laughs and jovial moments.

Ferrell’s introduction was characteristically humorous as he asked the football players, “Do you guys like Ryan and Rob or not really? You can be honest. Rob is good. Ryan … dodgy Canadian.” His playful ribbing added a delightful touch to the day.

During their tour of the stadium, Ferrell affectionately referred to the players as “famous” and didn’t miss a chance to comment on one player’s “beefy thigh.” He even offered a good-natured massage, asking, “You need a rub down? These hands … These are magic hands.”

Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson expressed the surreal nature of Ferrell’s visit, noting that they had a casual chat and hung out. The episode allowed fans to witness Wrexham’s journey, competing in nine matches over a month with the goal of securing a promotion to the English Football League. At the conclusion of the episode, it was revealed that they had won seven out of nine matches.

“After surviving nine matches in 28 days, Wrexham holds a four-point lead over rivals Notts County with just 10 matches to play,” text on the screen declared. “The next six weeks will determine whether their promotion dream becomes a reality or if 15 years of National League pain continues.”

In a fantastic turn of events, Wrexham celebrated a long-awaited promotion to the English Football League, ending a 15-year hiatus. Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to share his and Rob McElhenney’s exhilaration at the accomplishment, emphasizing how unforgettable the moment was.

A significant contributor to Wrexham’s success was the return of 40-year-old goalkeeper Ben Foster, who came out of retirement, much like a football legend coming back for one last season. Aidan Davis, Wrexham’s goalkeeping coach, drew a parallel between Foster’s addition to the team and an iconic signing in American football, stating, “Rob and I kinda blacked out during this moment, but somehow we’ll never forget it.”

Foster’s performance earned him high praise. McElhenney shared in his confessional, “Every once in a while, over the course of a season, or a career, there are those people out there that get that extra little bit of magic.” Reynolds added, “Ben Foster, he is that player.”

While the decision to bring Foster on board initially faced scrutiny from football fans who speculated it was driven by financial incentives, Foster emphasized his genuine desire to help Wrexham achieve their promotion goal. His debut game was a success, with Wrexham defeating York City 3-0.

As Wrexham’s journey continues, it’s clear that they have a lot to celebrate. Will Ferrell’s visit not only added humor and light-heartedness to the season but also highlighted the dedication and passion of all those involved in the quest for success in the English Football League.

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