Will the Symmetrical Triangle Propel Bitcoin to $40,000?

Bitcoin (BTC) has been riding a wave of bullish momentum, creating six consecutive bullish weekly candlesticks since the upward movement commenced in October. As the cryptocurrency market closely watches, BTC finds itself within the confines of a symmetrical triangle pattern since November. The critical question looms: will Bitcoin break out to new highs, or is the upward trend about to face a setback?

Setting New Highs and Bullish Signals:

Technical analysis on the weekly timeframe reveals a robust performance by BTC, surging since October and breaking out from a descending resistance trend line that persisted for 530 days. Recently reaching a new yearly high of $38,437 on November 24, Bitcoin’s trajectory has caught the attention of market observers. Notably, the creation of six successive bullish weekly candlesticks, a pattern last observed in October 2020, indicates a potential bullish cycle in motion.

RSI Signals and Overbought Conditions:

Analysts employ the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to gauge market momentum and identify potential overbought or oversold conditions. The RSI is currently in overbought territory, signaling strength in the upward trend. A similar RSI level was observed in October 2020, coinciding with the initiation of the previous bullish cycle.

Analyst Perspectives and Predictions:

Traders and analysts on X share varying views on Bitcoin’s future trajectory. JJCycles expresses bullish sentiment, linking potential CME (US institutions) longs to hedge for a possible Bitcoin ETF approval. Open interest on CME has surged to nearly $4.5 billion, indicating institutional interest. Bob Loukas echoes positivity, foreseeing an explosive movement breaking out of the upward-sloping trend. CredibleCrypto, however, anticipates an initial drop before BTC resumes its upward journey.

Elliott Wave Analysis and Price Predictions:

Applying Elliott Wave (EW) theory, analysts anticipate BTC to be in the third wave of a five-wave increase, suggesting a continued upward trajectory. The current sub-wave count indicates BTC is in sub-wave four, forming a triangle-shaped corrective pattern. A breakout from the triangle could propel BTC by 10% to $41,000, while a breakdown might lead to a 6% drop to the support level at $35,000.


Bitcoin’s recent performance has injected optimism into the cryptocurrency market, with technical indicators and analyst sentiments aligning for a potential upward surge. As BTC hovers within the symmetrical triangle, market participants are eagerly anticipating the next move. The prevailing bullish signals and varying predictions underscore the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency landscape, where price movements and market sentiment play pivotal roles in shaping the future of Bitcoin.