Kate Middleton’s Reaction on Prince William and Rose Hanbury Rumors

Speculation surrounding the relationship between Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury has been swirling, leaving the Duchess of Cambridge understandably unsettled. Reports suggest that Middleton is grappling with hurtful rumors, particularly as she continues to recover from major surgery.

Insiders speaking to various media outlets shed light on Middleton’s emotional state amid the ongoing speculation.

According to an insider quoted by InTouch, Middleton is “at her wits end” with the rumors surrounding her and Prince William’s friendship with Hanbury. The situation is especially distressing for Middleton given her recent surgery.

The speculation has not gone unnoticed within the royal household. Another insider revealed to The Daily Beast that while the palace finds the rumors “deeply annoying and unhelpful,” they are not surprised by their resurgence. The absence of Middleton’s wedding ring in certain photographs has only fueled further speculation.

Inside the palace walls, confusion abounds regarding Middleton’s condition and the rumors surrounding her. According to a source cited by The New York Post, many royal staffers are unaware of the details of Middleton’s recovery following her abdominal surgery. This lack of clarity has led to speculation and uncertainty among palace staff.

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Despite the swirling rumors, Middleton is said to be attempting to block out the noise. The same insider speaking to The New York Post mentioned that Middleton is trying to ignore the gossip, with Prince William doing his best to shield her from the distressing rumors.

As Middleton navigates through this challenging period, both inside and outside the palace, she continues to focus on her recovery and her family. The speculation surrounding her relationship with Hanbury underscores the intense scrutiny that accompanies life in the royal spotlight.