Kate Middleton’s Uncle Accused of Following Prince Harry’s Path with Celebrity Big Brother Appearance

Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of Princess Kate Middleton, has sparked controversy by joining Celebrity Big Brother, with royal biographer Angela Levin suggesting he is “copying” Prince Harry’s actions and “kicking the royals while they’re down.”

Since his entrance into Celebrity Big Brother, Gary Goldsmith has made various claims regarding Princess Kate’s health and Prince Charles’s alleged attempts to reconcile with Prince Harry. However, Angela Levin has cast doubt on the authenticity of these assertions.

In an interview with The Sun, Levin expressed surprise at Gary Goldsmith’s comments regarding Prince Charles’s willingness to reconcile with Prince Harry, contradicting her previous understanding.

She questioned the credibility of Gary Goldsmith’s statements, suggesting they may not be realistic or truthful.

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Levin also voiced concerns about Gary Goldsmith’s future behavior on the show, expressing uncertainty about his intentions and actions. Additionally, she criticized his remarks about Princess Kate, labeling them as “distasteful” and questioning his character.

As Gary Goldsmith’s participation in Celebrity Big Brother continues to attract attention and scrutiny, his comments and actions are under the spotlight, raising questions about their impact on the royal family’s reputation and dynamics.

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