Palace Allegedly Used Harry and Meghan to Distract from Prince William’s Affair Rumors Amid Kate Middleton Cancer Battle

Explosive allegations have surfaced, suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were strategically utilized by the Palace to divert attention from rumors surrounding Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury.

The claim, made by Omid Scobie, a prominent figure often associated with Meghan Markle, was reported by In Style Magazine.

Scobie, dubbed Meghan’s “mouth-piece,” shed light on the Palace’s tactics to suppress stories about Prince William’s purported infidelity in 2019.

Scobie highlighted the challenge of addressing rumors, stating, “Unfortunately, if a rumor’s left to kind of do its own thing, it can run 20 laps around the world before you even think about what, how you want to kind of address it.”

During this tumultuous period, Prince William, the Prince of Wales, faced allegations of cheating on Kate Middleton with Lady Hanbury, a close confidant of the couple.

Concurrently, the media was abuzz with stories about Meghan, including the infamous Princess Charlotte dress incident.

Regarding William’s alleged affair, Scobie noted, “They never addressed it, so those rumors will never go away, even though there’s no truth to suggest that they are true.”

He continued, emphasizing the importance of addressing rumors and speculation, even if unsubstantiated.

Scobie expressed skepticism regarding the validity of the allegations against William and emphasized the need for transparency.

Scobie also questioned the Palace’s handling of the controversy and its impact on William’s reputation.

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He remarked, “The worst-case scenarios that they feared would happen, you know, just those rumors themselves were going to have enough impact, negatively, on William’s reputation.”

Furthermore, Scobie criticized the Palace’s willingness to allegedly exploit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to overshadow the affair rumors.

He suggested that this tactic may have exacerbated the situation and damaged William’s standing further.

As these revelations unfold, they shed light on the intricate dynamics within the royal family and raise questions about transparency and accountability within the institution.

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