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Prince William Reveals George, Charlotte and Louis Major Secret Amid Kate Middleton’s Cancer Treatment

Amidst Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment, Prince William shared a heartwarming secret about their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, during a visit to Woodgate Valley Urban Farm in Birmingham on Thursday.

The future king disclosed that their family has pet guinea pigs at home, offering a glimpse into their domestic life.

While interacting with a child at the farm, Prince William remarked, “These guys are pretty cool. We’ve got guinea pigs at home and they’re not like this.”

However, he humorously revealed, “I spend my life cleaning out the guinea pig cage because the children forget to do it.” This candid admission highlights the everyday experiences of parenting, even for royals.

Prince William continued, “The ones we’ve got at home, they’re off. You have to keep them constantly stroked and looked after,” emphasizing the care and attention required to nurture their furry companions.

Later, Prince William took to social media, formerly Twitter, to share photos from his visit and express appreciation for the work of Betel UK and Woodgate Valley Urban Farm in supporting young people and providing valuable resources for the local community.

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“Such important work by Betel UK helping young people and adults turn their lives around. Accepting help is often the hardest step,” he wrote.

“Similarly, Woodgate Valley Urban Farm is an amazing resource for the local community, providing life skills and mental health support to young people and children through outdoor nature-based activities.”

Prince William’s openness about his family life and his engagement with important social issues demonstrate his commitment to both his royal duties and his role as a loving father and husband, even amidst challenging times.

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