Anti Monarchy Chief Issues Serious Warning to Kate Middleton and other Working Royals

The Chief of the anti-monarchy group has directed a serious warning towards Kate Middleton,King Charles and Prince William, advocating for the removal of their royal titles.

In a conversation with GB News host Cameron Walker on The Royal Record podcast, Graham Smith, the Chief Executive of the anti-monarchy group Republic, reiterated the organization’s goal for a democratic system with an elected head of state, replacing the current constitutional monarchy.

Smith delved into the practicalities of stripping the royal family of their privileges, starting with their titles and extending further to promote equality among citizens.

He emphasized the need for a society where all individuals are equal citizens, without aristocratic or royal titles.

“Republic is about being equal citizens. In a republic like that then obviously you can’t have aristocratic titles and royal titles,” Smith stated.

He elaborated on the consequences for King Charles, envisioning him as simply Charles Windsor, a citizen like any other, subject to the same tax obligations and free to pursue a life outside of royal duties.

“If the royals were to lose their titles, they would no longer be addressed as His or Her Royal Highness, and all prince and princess titles would be removed,” Smith added.

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This warning from the anti-monarchy chief underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the role of the royal family in modern society and the potential for significant changes to the monarchy’s structure.

As discussions around monarchy reform continue, Smith’s remarks highlight the push for a more egalitarian system that prioritizes equality among citizens.

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