Expert Criticizes Tatler’s Kate Middleton Image as Resembling The Scream

Renowned expert Michael Cole has strongly criticized the recent image of Kate Middleton featured in Tatler magazine’s July 2024 issue, likening it to a piece from the iconic painting “The Scream.”

Speaking to GB News, Cole expressed dismay at the unflattering portrayal of the Princess of Wales, particularly amidst her private battle with cancer.

In his scathing assessment, Cole compared the image to the work of Edvard Munch, suggesting that the renowned artist might have created a similar portrait if tasked with depicting Middleton.

He emphasized the need to move past the image, stating, “Now I think it’s best forgotten.”

Cole’s critique extended to the publication itself, questioning its editorial choices and implying that the image detracted from the magazine’s overall appeal.

He remarked, “I think it’s one of those magazines you just want to turn it over and see the advert on the back page.”

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The comparison to “The Scream” underscores the degree of dissatisfaction with the image’s portrayal of Middleton, suggesting that it evokes a sense of anguish or distress akin to Munch’s famous work.

As Cole’s remarks gain traction, they highlight the importance of responsible and respectful representation, especially when dealing with sensitive subjects such as a member of the Royal family battling cancer.

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