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King Charles Faces Criticism for Lack of Support Towards Prince Harry’s Invictus Games

As Prince Harry prepares to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games with a service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral, King Charles’s decision not to offer royal support to the event has stirred controversy and drawn criticism.

Despite being invited, no senior member of the royal family is expected to attend the event due to their busy schedules, a move that has raised eyebrows and prompted questions about the monarchy’s stance on Harry’s charitable endeavors.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, a source within the royal circle expressed concerns over King Charles’s refusal to extend the Firm’s support to Invictus, labeling it as a “huge mistake.”

The source emphasized that while Charles is willing to offer personal support to Harry as his father, he is reluctant to endorse Invictus as an institution.

The decision has sparked debate within the palace, with critics arguing that withholding royal backing from Invictus undermines its noble mission and portrays the monarchy in a negative light.

The source lamented that the royal family risks appearing out of touch with the public’s sentiments, particularly given Invictus’s commendable efforts in supporting injured veterans.

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Furthermore, the source highlighted the potential missed opportunity for reconciliation between Harry and the royals, suggesting that Invictus could serve as a bridge towards healing familial rifts.

By withholding support from the charity, the royal family may be hindering efforts to mend strained relationships and foster unity within the monarchy.

In conclusion, the criticism directed towards King Charles underscores the complexities surrounding the royal family’s involvement in charitable initiatives and the delicate balance between personal dynamics and public perception.

As Prince Harry continues to champion causes close to his heart, the monarchy faces scrutiny over its response to his endeavors, with implications for its relationship with both the prince and the wider public.

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