Royal Expert Speculates on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Interest in ‘Suits’ Amid Meghan Markle Controversy

The upcoming airing of ‘Suits’ on BBC has sparked a conversation among royal experts, particularly regarding the potential interest of Prince William and Kate Middleton in the show, despite recent controversies involving Meghan Markle.

Royal commentator Ephraim Hardcastle, in his piece for The Daily Mail, delved into Meghan Markle’s chances of retaining viewership, particularly among members of the royal family.

Given the reported affinity of Prince William and Kate Middleton for the legal drama, as revealed by Prince Harry himself, Hardcastle pondered whether the couple’s fans would also be inclined to tune in.

The speculation arises as ‘Suits’ is slated to air on BBC, bringing the popular series to a wider audience.

Prince Harry previously shared that Prince William and Kate Middleton were avid fans of the show, describing them as “regular – nay, religious – viewers of Suits.”

However, amidst Meghan Markle’s recent interviews criticizing certain aspects of royal protocol, including the tradition of curtsying to the monarch, Hardcastle questioned the potential impact on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s viewing habits.

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He humorously wondered about the odds of the couple tuning in to the show in light of these controversies.

While Prince Harry expressed concerns about the possibility of fans hounding Meghan Markle for autographs, Hardcastle pondered whether the Prince and Princess of Wales would still be inclined to watch ‘Suits’ despite the controversy surrounding its star.

As the speculation mounts, it remains to be seen whether Prince William and Kate Middleton will maintain their allegiance to the show or if recent events will influence their decision.

The anticipation surrounding the BBC airing of ‘Suits’ underscores the ongoing intrigue surrounding the royal family’s engagement with popular culture and their reactions to controversies involving its members.

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