Kate Middleton’s Potential Balcony Appearance Sparks Speculation Amid Trooping the Colour Event

Kate Middleton, who is currently recovering from her cancer treatment, is rumored to make a surprise appearance during a major royal event.

While the Palace has not yet confirmed if the Princess of Wales will be seen waving from the balcony, many other royals will also be absent.

“Whether [Kate] will make a balcony appearance on the big day on June 15 remains the great unknown.

My hunch is she will give us a wave,” royal historian Dr. Tessa Dunlop told The Mirror.

She noted that if she doesn’t, which is “entirely her prerogative,” there will also be questions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and if they “are bound to surface.”

“These are futile, even in 2022 the Sussexes were out of the picture, glimpsed briefly at a window and not invited on the balcony,” Dunlop shared.

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“This year that balcony cast will have even slimmer pickings if the Princess of Wales stays away,” she continued.

“In which case might it be time to review the role of non-working royals?”

She added, “All those cousins Eugenie, Beatrice, and Zara who have long behaved with hallmark loyalty would surely relish the prospect of standing shoulder to shoulder with their King.

After all, isn’t that what families are for?”

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