King Charles Break Silence Amid Princess Kate Middleton’s Cancer Battle

King Charles has seemingly paid a huge tribute to his cancer-stricken beloved daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, with an admirable gesture.

The pain of Princess Kate was deeply felt by the 75-year-old monarch, who is also receiving cancer treatment, as he took a very meaningful step to send a message of support to the future Queen with his touching gesture.

This gesture comes after the Princess of Wales, who has not been given permission by her medical team to attend the Colonel’s Review rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour, promised her soldiers she would join them soon in a touching message signed in her role as Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Now, the royal family’s social media accounts have shared a brand new video of King Charles’ honour to Catherine’s Irish Guards on Monday, with a heartfelt note.

In the heartwarming clip, King Charles, who is Colonel-in-Chief of the seven Guards regiments of the Household Division, can be seen receiving and giving a salute.

The video was captioned: “Ahead of Trooping the Colour next week, The King has presented New Colours to No. 9 and No. 12 Company The Irish Guards at Windsor Castle.”

It also added: “The Colours form part of the Irish Guards’ legacy, representing those that have fought and died for the Regiment. To this day, they accompany soldiers on operations and, more visibly, on ceremonial duties.”

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According to some, the last line of the message was for Princess Kate as she is one of those who are “more visibly, on ceremonial duties.”

This gesture underscores the strong bond and mutual support within the royal family, especially during challenging times.

King Charles’ tribute not only honors the Irish Guards but also stands as a public symbol of solidarity with Princess Kate.

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