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Prince Harry Sends Strong Message to Prince William with New Legal Action

Prince Harry has sent a clear message to his estranged brother, Prince William, with his latest legal move, signaling his desire to spend more time in the UK.

For those not in the know, the Duke of Sussex has been granted permission to appeal a High Court ruling that rejected his challenge over the downgrade of his personal security during visits to the UK.

According to a royal expert, Harry’s legal action demonstrates his willingness to visit his home country more frequently.

Significantly, if the court’s ruling favors the former working royal, it could be a golden opportunity for Harry to reconcile with his father, King Charles, who is battling cancer.

The Duke of Sussex’s legal move also appears to serve as a warning to the Prince of Wales about Harry’s potential involvement in royal duties.

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Speaking to GB News, royal expert Gareth Russell remarked, “The appeal is interesting, given just how expensive it will be for Prince Harry.”

He added, “But it does seem to be something that matters to him very much, whether it is about proving himself correct and vindicated against people who he perceives as opponents, or a decision that he felt was unjustified when he stepped away from being a senior working royal, isn’t exactly clear.”

“I do think the resurrection of these legal proceedings indicates that he does want to spend more time in the United Kingdom than he currently does,” Gareth believes.

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