Prince William Makes Emotional Solo Trip to Wales Amid Kate Middleton’s Cancer Treatment

Prince William could not hide his emotions as he made a solo trip to Wales on Monday to attend an event, amid his wife Kate Middleton’s ongoing cancer treatment.

The Prince of Wales’s eyes told the true story of his heart as Kate was not with him on the journey to their favorite state following her cancer diagnosis.

During his visit, Prince William traveled to Cardiff by train. A photo shared on social media captured him looking out the window, with a phone and a monogrammed binder on the table before him.

The image showed a teary-eyed William, clearly missing Kate while traveling to the city of Wales.

Despite his emotional state, William engaged with those he met during the trip.

He recalled a childhood golfing accident that left him with a scar on his forehead while examining a company’s golf tee made from seaweed.

“He was looking at the prototype, and I asked him if he likes golfing. He injured himself famously as a kid and pointed to his head and said, ‘No golf for me.’ No golfing for him!,” Pierre Paslier of Notpla told PEOPLE.

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William appeared in good spirits during the visit but definitely felt the absence of his sweet wife, Princess Kate, who always attracts the spotlight with her evergreen smile and heart-melting gestures to her fans.

The visit highlighted not only his dedication to his royal duties but also the deep bond he shares with Kate, whose presence was dearly missed.