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Prince William Steps In for King Charles Amid New Health Warning from Doctors

King Charles, who marked the somber commemorations for the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Wednesday, found the event particularly tiring due to his ongoing battle with cancer.

Diagnosed earlier this year, the King has a dedicated team of doctors who meticulously monitor his schedule to ensure he does not become overly strained by his royal responsibilities.

Royal sources confirmed to The Mirror that Prince William will now step in for his father at an upcoming international ceremony held at Omaha Beach.

This significant event, which will see the presence of world leaders including US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron, is part of the D-Day anniversary commemorations.

“While His Majesty’s doctors are very encouraged with the progress made so far, the King is continuing with his treatment programme – and thus we have to prioritize and protect his continued recovery,” a palace source said.

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“On that basis, each event/day has to be carefully calibrated – and given the King’s other commitments on the day, it was advised that the international event later in the afternoon may be a step too far at this stage.”

The insider also noted that King Charles is “of course delighted that the Prince of Wales will be attending to represent the nation” at this important event.

Prince William’s participation ensures that the royal family maintains its presence at key international ceremonies while supporting King Charles in his recovery.

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