Robert Pattinson Introduces Daughter with Sweet Instagram Post

Robert Pattinson, best known for his iconic role in “Twilight,” is reveling in the joys of fatherhood after welcoming his first child with partner Suki Waterhouse. The actor recently opened up about his experiences as a new dad and the profound impact it has had on his life.

In a heartwarming post shared in April, Robert introduced their daughter to the world with an adorable Instagram snap, captioning it, “Welcome to the world angel.” The sweet photo melted hearts and gave fans a glimpse into his new role as a father.

During a recent interview at the Dior Homme Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 Show in Paris, Robert was asked about his baby girl.

He enthusiastically responded, “Having a child makes you feel very old and very young.” The actor expressed how fatherhood has brought a blend of youthful joy and mature responsibility into his life.

Robert’s commitment to his family was evident when he mentioned his tight schedule, stating, “I’m in the city for just one day and then I have to rush back home to be with my daughter.” His dedication to being present for his daughter speaks volumes about his devotion as a new dad.

He went on to marvel at his daughter’s early development, sharing, “She’s so cute. And you know, I’m amazed by how quickly their personality comes. So even at 3 months, I’m like, ‘Oh … I can kinda see who she is already.’” Robert’s awe at witnessing his daughter’s emerging personality highlights the deep connection he feels with her.

A source previously revealed to Us Weekly that Robert is in awe of Suki Waterhouse’s natural transition into motherhood.

“He has so much respect for Suki and she’s adjusted to motherhood like a total natural,” the insider shared. The couple’s journey into parenthood has evidently strengthened their bond, with Robert gaining a newfound appreciation for Suki’s nurturing instincts.

As Robert Pattinson continues to navigate his career and fatherhood, it’s clear that his daughter has brought immense joy and a fresh perspective to his life. Fans eagerly await more updates and glimpses into his new chapter as a doting dad.