Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 25

Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 25

In Bakhmut the momentum on northwest sector was stopped for now heavy battles continue. Towards the south of a more difficult situation takes place the grey zone extends far.

Ukrainian airforce continues to work effectively on the frontline conducting successful strikes on areas of manpower and equipment of Russian forces.

General Updates:

As of now, 19 member states of the EU and Norway have already joined a project that will involve in the joint production of the 155-caliber ammunition, which is extremely necessary for Ukraine, Minister of Foreign Affairs Kuleba said.

The United States imposed new sanctions against Belarus. In particular the Belarusian Automobile Plant and its director, the Minsk Automobile Plant and its director, the Central Election Commission of Belarus and a private jet used by self-proclaimed President Lukashenko.

Italian Prime Minister Meloni has blocked the sale of the Italian company Tecnologia Intelligente to Nebius which is linked to the Russian Federation.

Pic Source: War_mapper on Twitter

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