Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 30

Ukraine war map today, as of Mar. 30

Wagner forces took full control of the Budenovka, Sobachevka microdistricts in the south of Bakhmut. Heavy fighting continues in the areas south of Bakhmut City Council.

In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have regained some positions in the region of Belogorovka.

General Updates:

In the near future, Croatia wants to complete the transfer of Mi-8 helicopters to Ukraine,” Defense Minister Mario Banožić said during a briefing in Odesa.

Finland sent 1,000 baby packages to Ukraine to support families with newborns during the war, reports the Ministry of the Interior of Finland. It contains a set of children’s clothes and everything you need to care for a child in the first year of life.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov says that the Armed forces of Ukraine now owns thousands of attack UAVs with a flight range over 3000km, calling it the Ukrainian swarm, named after Mathias Rust.

Pic Source: War_mapper on Twitter

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