Ukraine war map today, as of Apr. 9

Ukraine war map today, as of Apr. 9

Heavy fighting continues in the direction of the main train station in Bakhmut most of the frontline is described as near the rail line.

To the south small counterattacks took place, heavy fighting continues the flanks of Bakhmut are stable the road to the west is dangerous.

Ukrainian artillery hit a base of Russian forces along with supply trucks in the town of Kudryumivka south of Bakhmut.

General Updates:

31 deported children were returned to Ukraine, says Mykola Kuleba, executive director of the charity organization Save Ukraine.

The leaked and so called ‘Ukrainian counter offensive plans’ have been dismissed as false by the GUR, set up by the Russian Federation.

Two generators with a capacity of 20kW were delivered to Posad-Pokrovske and Myrolyubivka. It was provided by the Irish non-governmental organization “GOAL”. The generators will be used for centralized water supply to people’s homes.

Pic Source: War_mapper on Twitter

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