Celo’s Proposal to Transition to Ethereum Layer 2 Raises Questions within the Community

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Celo, a Layer 1 blockchain platform, has recently proposed a migration to the Ethereum ecosystem as a Layer 2 protocol. While this move aims to enhance Celo’s security, real-world use-cases for Ethereum, and developer experience, some community members have raised concerns and questioned the sudden decision. As Celo prepares for this transition, discussions about its involvement with Chainlink SCALE and the transparency surrounding the migration have emerged within the community.

Celo’s Ambition for Ethereum Layer 2 Migration:

Celo, a blockchain platform compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), has announced its intention to transition to Ethereum Layer 2 using Optimism’s OP stack. By adopting Ethereum Layer 2, Celo aims to strengthen security, expand real-world use-cases, and improve the developer experience. Additionally, Celo plans to facilitate off-chain data availability through EigenLayer and maintain decentralized sequencers using its current validators.

Governance Discussion and Voting Proposal:

To involve the community in the decision-making process, Celo has invited members to participate in an in-person governance discussion at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris. Following the discussion, the team will release an on-chain governance proposal for voting on July 22. This demonstrates Celo’s commitment to engaging stakeholders and seeking consensus regarding the migration.

Mixed Reactions from the Community:

The migration proposal has generated excitement among some community members, who view it as an opportunity to strengthen Celo’s position within the Ethereum ecosystem. These enthusiasts celebrate the move, highlighting Ethereum’s dominance and proclaiming it to be the top choice.

However, the proposal has also faced criticism. One particular concern raised by a community member revolves around Celo’s recent collaboration with Chainlink SCALE, a platform providing low-cost Chainlink Oracle data and services. This individual questions the need for joining Chainlink SCALE if Celo intends to migrate to Ethereum Layer 2. The criticism suggests that the decision may have been abrupt and raises doubts about the transparency surrounding the reasons for the L1 to L2 transformation.

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Celo’s proposal to transition to Ethereum Layer 2 as a Layer 1 blockchain has sparked both enthusiasm and skepticism within the community. While the migration aims to enhance Celo’s capabilities and leverage the advantages of Ethereum, questions have arisen regarding the project’s recent collaboration with Chainlink SCALE and the transparency of the decision-making process. As discussions unfold, it is essential for Celo to address these concerns, engage with community members, and provide clear explanations about the motivations and benefits of the proposed migration.

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