Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar’s Love Blooms on the Set of Hallmark’s “A Royal Christmas Crush”

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Love knows no boundaries, not even the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. Actress Katie Cassidy and actor Stephen Huszar found themselves falling for each other while working together on Hallmark Channel’s romantic comedy, “A Royal Christmas Crush.” Their undeniable connection, combined with shared interests and on-screen chemistry, led to a blossoming romance that has captivated fans and melted hearts. Let’s take a closer look at their love story from the beginning.

March 2023:

A Winter Wonderland Sparks Romance Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar began filming “A Royal Christmas Crush,” and their Instagram accounts were filled with behind-the-scenes glimpses of their winter wonderland adventures on set in Canada. Cassidy shared enchanting moments from the snowy setting, giving fans a taste of the magic that was about to unfold.

May 2023:

Romance Speculation Takes Flight Cassidy raised eyebrows when she started tagging Huszar in her vacation snapshots from around the world. Fiji’s full moon and Monaco’s picturesque dock were among the locations where she playfully hinted at a potential romance brewing between them. Speculation grew, and fans eagerly awaited confirmation of their relationship.

June 2023:

Going Public with Love The cat was finally out of the bag in June when Cassidy took to Instagram to share their relationship with the world. With a touch of humor, she wrote, “Welp, cats out of the bag… Happy Monday! The couple’s fans rejoiced at the news, showering them with love and support. Cassidy also teased their upcoming Hallmark project, expressing admiration for Huszar’s handsome appearance in the movie.

July 2023:

A Royal Love on Screen The highly anticipated Hallmark collaboration, “A Royal Christmas Crush,” premiered as part of the network’s “Christmas in July” programming. Cassidy and Huszar’s on-screen chemistry was evident, capturing the hearts of viewers who eagerly watched their love story unfold on screen. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Cassidy emphasized the power of chemistry, acknowledging that sparks flew early on during filming. Huszar echoed her sentiment, acknowledging that while professionalism is crucial, feelings inevitably emerge when the connection is strong.


Katie Cassidy and Stephen Huszar’s love story is a testament to the unexpected twists and turns life can take, even in the realm of entertainment. From their initial meeting on the set of “A Royal Christmas Crush” to their public declaration of love, their relationship has warmed the hearts of fans worldwide. As their Hallmark project continues to charm audiences, Cassidy and Huszar’s real-life romance adds an extra layer of magic to their on-screen chemistry. Their journey serves as a reminder that love can find its way into the most unexpected places, even in the midst of lights, cameras, and the allure of the silver screen.

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