Family Dynamics on Display in the Latest Episode of Sister Wives

In the most recent episode of the TLC series “Sister Wives,” Robyn Brown’s daughter, Breanna Brown, opened up about the strained relationship between herself and Janelle Brown’s daughter, Savanah Brown. The episode, which aired on October 15, delved into the challenges their friendship has faced.

Breanna, aged 19 and Robyn’s middle daughter, explained that her friendship with Savanah, aged 18, was not as close as it once was due to differing opinions about COVID-19 rules. She attributed the strain in their relationship to Kody Brown’s COVID-19 restrictions, which influenced their interactions.

During the episode, Breanna shared her feelings, saying, “Me and Savanah, you know, we’re decent to each other. It wasn’t, like, super great and [we weren’t] close because during COVID, people had different opinions about the rules.”

She continued, “We just didn’t know what to do with each other, so we kind of kept our distance,” before breaking into tears. “I kind of just feel shocked and confused and, like, she doesn’t care. I don’t know what the right word is, it kinda just broke my heart a little. ‘Cause, you know, I grew up with her. I grew up with all of them.”

Savanah, the youngest child of Janelle and Kody, shared her perspective during a conversation with Christine Brown, revealing that while she encounters Breanna daily after study hall, they rarely talk and often ignore each other at school.

Janelle Brown, who confirmed her separation from Kody in December 2022 and has six children with him, weighed in on the sibling issues. She revealed that Savanah and Breanna have no real relationship and essentially ignore each other in school.

Christine Brown, who split from Kody in 2021, expressed her surprise at the extent of the strained relationship between Savanah and Robyn’s children, stating that she had no idea the situation was so difficult.

The episode highlights the complexities and challenges of maintaining family relationships in the context of the plural marriage depicted on the show. It also underscores the impact of external factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, on these relationships and the individuals involved.

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