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King Charles Issues Stern Warning to Prince Andrew Amid New Drama

Tensions within the royal family have escalated as King Charles delivers a stern warning to his brother, Prince Andrew, over his recent behavior.

Sources close to the palace revealed to The Sun that King Charles, who currently covers Prince Andrew’s £3 million annual security bill, is reconsidering the level of support he is willing to provide in light of Andrew’s continued defiance.

Despite the King’s previous attempts to extend kindness to his disgraced brother, Andrew’s refusal to comply with his directives has pushed Charles to the brink.

Palace insiders suggest that Andrew’s inability to cover the upkeep costs of the Royal Lodge has prompted the King to suggest an alternative living arrangement: Frogmore Cottage, the former residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

However, Andrew’s resistance to this proposal, coupled with his ongoing defiance in the aftermath of the Epstein scandal, has left the King frustrated and contemplating drastic measures.

A friend of the monarch conveyed to The Sunday Times that while King Charles has been patient with Andrew, his patience is not limitless, and there may come a point where he severs ties with his brother if he fails to adhere to royal expectations.

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The suggestion for Andrew to move to Frogmore Cottage comes with the added benefit of reduced security costs, as the residence is within the Windsor Castle security cordon.

Despite this practical solution, Andrew appears to be dragging his feet in acknowledging the reality of his situation, much to the chagrin of the King and palace officials.

As tensions mount and the rift between the brothers widens, the future of Prince Andrew’s relationship with the monarchy hangs in the balance.

Only time will tell whether he heeds King Charles’ warnings or faces the consequences of continued defiance.

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