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Expert Claims Kate Middleton is Using Cancer to Tweak her Public Image

Princess Kate Middleton is set on changing public opinion about her media presence, according to a royal expert.

The Princess of Wales, who is undergoing chemotherapy after announcing her illness in March, has made only one royal appearance since then, attending Trooping the Colour in June alongside her family.

Despite her limited public engagements, Kate has stated that she hopes to attend more events over the summer if her doctors approve.

Speaking with GB News, royal author Gareth Russell noted that she is “changing public perception for the better” by prioritizing her health.

“Anytime the Princess of Wales makes a public appearance, it reminds people of how fluctuating and personal each patient’s journey with cancer is, and that’s a great thing for us all to be reminded of.

The Princess of Wales has been very clear that there are good days and bad days,” Russell said.

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He added, “As she said herself she’s not out of the woods yet, but being able to attend occasional public events as she eases herself back into public life while also continuing to prioritise her health and her children is a good thing for the public to see the individuality of each patient’s journey.”

Kate’s approach to her illness and public appearances is reshaping her public image, highlighting the importance of balancing personal health with public duties.

Her transparency about her condition and her determination to remain engaged with her royal responsibilities when possible is seen as a positive example for many.