Ukrainian Forces Liberate Rivnopil, Advancing Towards Staromaiors’ke

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In a significant development in the ongoing conflict, Ukrainian forces have successfully liberated the town of Rivnopil. Deputy Minister of Defense, Hanna Maliar, made the announcement, marking a significant victory for the Ukrainian military. This liberation comes after the 46th Air Assault Brigade reported that Rivnopil would soon be abandoned by the Russian forces. With Rivnopil now under Ukrainian control, the situation near Staromaiors’ke is expected to intensify as the Ukrainian forces gain momentum.

Rivnopil’s Liberation:

The liberation of Rivnopil represents a critical milestone for the Ukrainian forces. Strategically located, Rivnopil had been held by Russian forces, serving as a stronghold in their campaign. However, with the successful operation by the 394th Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rivnopil is now free from occupation. The achievement can be attributed to the bravery, determination, and meticulous planning of the Ukrainian troops.

Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar’s Statement:

Deputy Minister of Defense, Hanna Maliar, affirmed the liberation of Rivnopil during a press conference, emphasizing the importance of the Ukrainian forces’ success. Maliar expressed gratitude for the dedication and sacrifice displayed by the Ukrainian troops and highlighted the significance of this victory in the broader context of the conflict. She mentioned that the liberation of Rivnopil would bolster the morale of Ukrainian forces and further strengthen their resolve to reclaim their territories.

Implications for Staromaiors’ke:

With Rivnopil now in Ukrainian hands, attention shifts to the nearby town of Staromaiors’ke. The successful operation in Rivnopil creates favorable conditions for the Ukrainian forces to continue their advance towards Staromaiors’ke. The liberation of Rivnopil not only enhances the Ukrainian forces’ strategic position but also intensifies the pressure on Russian-held territories. Ukrainian commanders are likely to capitalize on this momentum, aiming to swiftly advance and encircle Staromaiors’ke, thus limiting the mobility and options for the Russian forces.


The liberation of Rivnopil by Ukrainian forces marks a significant turning point in the ongoing conflict. Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar’s statement and the successful operation in Rivnopil demonstrate the commitment and effectiveness of the Ukrainian military. With Rivnopil under Ukrainian control, the focus now shifts to Staromaiors’ke, where the Ukrainian forces are expected to capitalize on their recent success. As the conflict continues, these developments showcase the resilience and determination of the Ukrainian forces in their quest to restore territorial integrity.

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