Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Sep. 21

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Ukraine attacked a military complex near Verkhnosadove close to Sevastopol. It was clear that Armed forces of Ukraine used Storm Shadow missiles that were captured on camera on their way to their destined target.

After Russia managed to occupy Novoselivs’ke several weeks ago, Ukrainian forces in the last few days counterattacked and already reached the center of the settlement. Fighting is ongoing Russia is on the defense while Ukrainian forces pushes forward.

Near Robotyne, the Armed Forces of Ukraine trying to align the front as Russians still find ways to get their ATGM positions alongside FPV drones near the flanks. Meanwhile Ukrainian forces advanced along several tree lines west of Verbove.

General Updates:

The US will announce a $325 million aid package tomorrow which will include M864 155mm cluster shells. Other weapons like Avenger AD systems, TOW and AT4 anti tank weapons, HIMARS ammo and Javelin missiles are expected but no ATACMS, a US official said.

Norway introduces restrictions on the import and use of Russian registered cars into Norway. The background is that the EU has created a new guide to the rules on sanctions against Russia that led to countries tightening the rules for crossing the border.

Spain announced additional aid to Ukraine on top of what was already pledged. It includes APC’s, anti-aircraft launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, military trucks, medical vehicles and inflatable boats.

President Zelenskyi recalled Ukraine’s desire to receive long-range missiles from the United States. President Joe Biden is still considering the decision to transfer ATACMS.

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